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Trade and Logistics

Trade and Logistics

The headquarters of pharmaceutical wholesale for Teva Pharmaceutical Works Ltd. is in Gödöllő, where the most modern pharmaceutical wholesale facility in Hungary is to be found.


The patient is waiting, the medicines are on the way

(Hospital Business)

Our staff supply a full range of pharmaceuticals to 130 pharmacies based in hospitals or other institutions; these are also open to patients. As a result of our work, health workers have all the pharmaceuticals at disposal which are essential for an in-patient facility - tablets, blood products, injectables, solutions for infusion and instruments for surgery - developed and manufactured by Teva. At the same time, as a wholesaler, we supply products manufactured by other pharmaceutical companies.. Given that we have such a vast - perhaps the broadest - range of pharmaceuticals, we were able to respond to the reorganisation of Hungarian hospitals which took place last year in a flexible way. We are also able to continually adapt to the regulations of pharmacist protocols, which constantly change as a result of scientific progress. Although in terms of the list of pharmaceuticals required for a general hospital, we already offer effective and affordable products in almost any field of health, we are carrying out research in conjunction with many large hospitals and university clinics, because we consider it important that progress continue with respect to the use of pharmaceuticals in hospitals.

Orders accepted 24-hours a day

(Customer Service)

It is the responsibility of the customer service and feedback team to provide fast, easily-
accessible support to pharmacists and other partners in relation to products manufactured or distributed by Teva, so that they can carry out their day-to-day work effectively. We are particularly proud of the website www.webpatikus.hu, which was developed by Teva and has been operating successfully for several years. As well as enabling online ordering for the first time in the field of pharmaceutical distribution, the website also provides several useful services to pharmacies. This includes the healthcare news services, which are updated several times a day and have become essential reading for pharmacists.



Teva products from the Teva Pharmacy (Teva Pharmaceutical Works Ltd. - Pharmacy Business)

Due to Teva's unusual position - it is both a manufacturer and at the same time a wholesaler - this year, the company has carried out a reorganisation of its pharmacy division activities. Teva Pharmaceutical Works Ltd. Pharmacy Section provides pharmacists with information on products manufactured by Teva, and on special offers and discounts for those products. At the same time, the Pharmacy Section of the company's existing wholesaler introduced above - Humantrade - can also provide pharmaceuticals from other manufacturers.

In connection with reorganisation, the Teva Pharmaceutical Works Ltd. Pharmacy Section website was set up for ordering products on special offer: www.tevapatika.hu. Through this website, pharmacists can easily and conveniently order Teva prescription and over-the-counter products on special offer. By logging onto the website, pharmacists who have a Teva Pharmacy code can order from any wholesaler via a clearly structured, user-friendly web application. Further information: +36 30 493 0426 (infoline). The website designers look forward to receiving your questions and comments at info@tevapatika.hu.